Shoreditch Town Hall is 150 years old, and to mark the occasion we have been running a project to celebrate and explore the history building and the people who built it, worked in it and who have enjoyed events and celebrations in it over the years.

Despite the architectural and historical significance of Shoreditch Town Hall, its place in its community and the pioneering work of the council who once occupied it, there has not been a single publication that has told the story of the building from the 1860s to the current day. We did have on record some key moments in the life of the Town Hall, but very little detailed information and many significant gaps in knowledge. By far the biggest deficit we had in terms of historical information was photographs and personal stories.


This website is designed to be a living resource – to grow with stories, photographs, articles, and other materials about the Town Hall, regularly adding to the research already undertaken. Don’t think your story or memory isn’t important or not interesting enough! Some of the most fascinating, touching and colourful reminiscences have come from local people getting in touch or less obvious sources. See Margaret Davis’s story or the pages on HMS Thrasher in the history book. We have only just scratched the surface with finding out about some of this kind of personal recollections and meeting local people with connections to the building.

Margaret came in for a tour of the building as part of an Open House weekend and got chatting to one of our volunteers. The family of Captain MacKenzie heard about the history project and helped to fill in a piece of our history with letters, artifacts and photographs. It’s these unique, personal recollections that will help to tell the real story of the building – and they’re now a key element of our history book.

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As well as via email, on our main website, and in our arts & theatre brochures we produce two times per year, there will be regular updates on our blog which launches soon. Keep up to date so that you don’t miss out on an opportunity to share a memory, get involved, or earn about a personal story or an aspect of the building’s heritage.