My Earliest Memories of Shoreditch Town Hall

Shoreditch resident Sandra Dorking reminisces about her first visit to the Town Hall

Well, my first memory is when I came here with my mother. My sister, my eldest sister Lorraine, was in a play, Pandora’s Box, and she was Hope, so she was the last up. I came with my mother, who didn’t go out very much, so to come to, what I’d call “the theatre”, was kind of a magical thing because I came with my Mum and we came to the big place which was obviously Shoreditch Town Hall and sat in a big room, and it was all very grand and magical and my sister came on and I watched this amazing little performance.

My mum was moaning most of it saying “how long’s is this gonna go on for?!” [laughs] I think because probably in those days my dad was working and he needed his tea, and things like that. Anyway, we persevered and the show was beautiful, and being with my mum was a lovely feeling. So, yeah, my first memory of Shoreditch Town Hall was a magical one. Coming out, with my mum to watch my sister in a performance! It was all good.

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